Why Use Wall Stickers

Whether you are looking to decorate your new baby’s nursery or liven up your child’s bedroom wall stickers are a great solution. Our bright, colourful and creative decals are a fun and affordable way to add magic to any kid's bedroom or playroom in fact we have such a range that many would appeal to children and adults alike, looking great in any room of your house.

Peel, Stick and Create

If you’re worried that you’ll apply your wall stickers incorrectly then don’t be; they all come with clear, easy to follow instructions so even your children can help create their magical new space.  It’s never been easier to transform a wall, door, mirror or even floor and once you have finished one room you’ll be itching to move on to the next!  

Reposition and Reuse

If you change your mind about the position of your decals it's not a problem, simply follow the instructions and peel the stickers off the wall you can then reposition them in your desired location.  It really is that simple and if you keep your backing paper you can even remove your stickers for reapplying at a later date, great if you move house, want to repaint a wall or save your stickers for a younger child.

Safe and Strong

Our wall stickers are tear resistant so that once they are up small children can’t tear off pieces.  Once positioned your wall stickers will stay looking as bright and colourful as the day you first stuck them down and unlike many other wall stickers of their kind, ours stay on the wall!  As long as you have followed the instructions for application, we guarantee your stickers will stay put.


For the best results and to get the most out of your purchase please read the following set of instructions carefully?

As with ALL wall stickers, if your walls have recently been painted, you MUST wait a minimum of one month before applying, to allow sufficient time for the paint to have properly dried and hardened.

1. Clean the surface you are going to apply your stickers to. Mild soapy water will be fine. Then leave to dry.

Note: Stickers will only work on smooth dry, heat free surfaces. DO NOT place directly above hot radiators.

2. While you are waiting for the surface to dry, you have the ideal opportunity to plan and design your wall art. The positioning of your stickers will make a big impact to the overall look and feel. Of course it does not really matter how you position your stickers, it just helps to plan and have a general idea, plus it’s a great way to be interactive with your children and you can all have fun creating your own designs. Now you’re ready to have FUN!

3. Try and work on a smooth level surface like a chest of drawers, so you are working at a comfortable height, if you and your children are applying the stickers then the floor works just as well. Just try and keep the sticker sheet nice and flat while very carefully peeling back the sticker you wish to use. You must take great care at this point although the stickers are made from tough durable PVC they are liable to tear if just pulled quickly from the backing sheet. A little care taken at this point will mean you end up with a perfect sticker.

4. Now you are ready to apply your sticker to the wall or any other smooth heat free surface. Once you have positioned your sticker, gently smooth out any bubbles. After placing all of your stickers in the desired position, use a clean, dry cloth to rub slowly and carefully over each sticker in turn. Leave for an hour then repeat the process to ensure good adhesion.


If you are not happy with your choice of placement, no problem. Our removable stickers can be carefully peeled off and re positioned.

Now Simply Stand Back and Admire Your Handy Work!