By Jo Philipp

Decorating doesn’t need to be laborious and expensive. There are plenty of clever ideas to use in children’s rooms for creating a fun and practical look. Colourful, personal and fun décor can be achieved with a bit of planning and some clever ideas.

Here are some of our favourite bedroom designs for kids. All of the below ideas are simple to create and they won’t cost a fortune!

Cool and Calming


Opt to use a decorating colour that is calming and easy to combine with brighter shades. For example, lavender is a great bedroom colour for both girls and boys. You can easily combine this cool and calming colour with brighter shades like orange, blue and green.

Paint the walls and the ceiling with lavender and opt for similar shades with your fabrics. If you are decorating a nursery, you can keep the colours soft and pair your lavender walls with pastel shades of yellow and lilac.

Furthermore, you can also showcase a special theme in the room, as this timeless colour makes using themes easy. You can easily create a jungle-themed room or opt for a space-theme if you like.

Splashes of Colour

You can add splashes of colour to your child’s room to create a colourful design on the budget. All you need to do is include some brightly coloured ribbons and stickers around the room.

For example, if you have a simple wardrobe, you can tie small bow ribbons on the doorknobs. You don’t even need to buy any special material for the ribbons, just use typical gift ribbons and wrapping knots!

Furthermore, if you are able to knit, you can make small doorknob animals to decorate your furniture. Check out the below YouTube video for some quirky ideas:


In addition, wall stickers are a budget-friendly way to decorate your child’s room and to add more colours to the space. You can use wall stickers in many decorative ways, not just on the wall. They instantly add a bit of fun to your child’s storage units, furniture and even the ceiling!

Modern Art

Multi-frame photos are a trendy thing, but can cost quite a bit at the store and special posters for separate frames can be hard to find as well. But you can utilise your own designs and simply use general frames for a modern look.

Instead of using separate photos, divide single photo into three different frames. Image courtesy of Craig Sunter, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

Enlarge a family photo – it could be a picture of your child or a fun holiday photo your child loves – and find three similar frames for hanging the photo on the wall. Once you have the photo printed, cut it into equal sized photos, with each section fitting one of the frames.

You can then simply hang it on the wall leaving a small gap between each frame! It’ll look like a professional design and it won’t cost a fortune.

Comfortable Corner for Spending Time Together

It is important that you spend enough time with your kids as they are growing up. You should make sure the child’s room invites you to hang out together and makes sharing moments together fun and practical.

For instance, you could create a corner for a daily reading session. Create your own futon sofa from old mattresses and a few wooden crates. Add a good reading light above the sofa and fill the crates with your favourite books!

Craft items make beautiful decorations for children’s rooms! Image courtesy of decor8 holly, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

If you are more into crafts, you could create a craft corner. Use an old makeup storage box for storing your crafting equipment and include a small foldable table on the wall. This saves space in the room and guarantees you always have enough space to start crafting with your kid.

Gaming Floor or Wall

Although older kids might prefer playing with tablets, you can get your toddler excited about board games by including a huge playable floor or wall to the bedroom. All you need is some paint or chalkboard stickers and your imagination!

You could pain a giant tic-tac-toe board on your floor. Make your own cross and nought pillows to use for playing! The pillows can be used for playing the game, but you can also use them as sitting pillows or decorative pillows in the room when you aren’t gaming.

You could also create a playable wall by covering a large portion of the wall with chalkboard stickers. Just hang a small box next to the chalkboard wall to store the chalks!

                Our chalkboard stickers are great for a creative design in kids’ bedrooms!

Repurpose Old Things for Storage

If there’s one thing all children’s rooms need, it has to be storage. You can’t ever have too much storage space in your child’s room and with some clever choices, your storage solutions can act as a decorative design in the room.

Instead of spending your money on expensive, specialised storage options, choose to use your old things instead. For example, if you have a lot of old kitchen tins then include them to the child’s rooms!

Salt, coffee and breadboxes can look fun and they’ll even be part of your child’s playtime! You can even use sturdy shoe and hatboxes. If you want to make them more ‘child-friendly’, then just use wall stickers for decorating.

You can even use old furniture pieces in the child’s rooms. A coat hanger can instantly turn into a clever storage for toy bags, play gear and even small craft items.

boho-alphabet-wall-stickers-roomset 2
               Alphabet stickers are fun way to add colour to your storage solutions!

Dress Up Your Furniture

Finally, you can create funky designs at your kid’s bedroom by dressing up the furniture items. Have a young baby girl? Dress up a round small table or a nightstand with an old ballet tutu. All you need to do is use a double-sided tape for attaching the dress.

For a little boy, football socks slipped on to the bed or table’s legs would be a fun look. You could even use old football shirts to cover chairs or use them as pillow covers!

Furthermore, you instantly create a themed bed for your child with little fabric. A silky fabric on top of your girl’s bed will add plenty of fairy tale magic to the room, while a sail like pirate fabric will make a boy’s bed look like a pirate ship.

The above design ideas are perfect for children’s bedroom. They are all fun and easy to create and you won’t leave your wallet wailing afterwards!


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