By Jo Philipp
Wall stickers are a fantastic way to decorate your rooms. They instantly add more colours to your room and are the perfect way to highlight a theme in the room.

You might think wall stickers are only to be used on the wall – not a surprise since they are called wall stickers! But you can use wall stickers in your décor in a number of different ways. Our selection of kids’ wall stickers even allows you to add them to your window!

How to Use Wall Stickers

If you are new to using wall stickers, it’s a good idea to read our guide for applying wall stickers. In short, what you need to know is that wall stickers can be used on any smooth surface!

However, you shouldn’t use wall stickers on surfaces that are close to a source of heat, such as a radiator. In some instances, this might also include a window, which is in direct sunlight. The sunlight could make the colours of the sticker fade quicker.


If you are buying wall stickers to use on a unique surface, such as a window, you can always contact to retailer to make sure! Some brands can be used on windows, but if this isn’t specifically mentioned on the product page, you should check before you buy.

Which Stickers Can Be Used?

There are window specific wall stickers that you could find online. On top of this, some wall sticker brands use production methods that allow the use of the sticker on surfaces such as bathroom tiles and windows.

Our collection has a number of brands, which sell wall stickers suitable for windows. For example, RoomMates and Wallies have a selection of stickers that can be used on a window. Our smaller wall sticker collections, such as the Sarajo Frieden Stickers, also have stunning stickers that can be applied on a range of surfaces.

            The Carolyn Gavin Sticker collection has beautiful stickers to use on windows!

When it comes to our wall stickers, we generally let you know in the product description if the sticker can be applied on a window! If there’s no mention, contact us to ensure whether you can apply your chosen sticker on a window.

Ideas for Using Wall Stickers on Windows

Now that you know our stickers are window-friendly, you might be wondering how you could use this decorative idea in your child’s bedroom.

One option is to simply buy a set of smaller stickers and add them to the corners of the window. For example, bright butterfly stickers placed on the corner of the window are a fun way to add a breath of spring to your décor.

You could also create a stunning display with the stickers. Use green paint suitable for windows to add a grass scene to the bottom of the window. Once the pain has dried properly, add floral stickers to your window! Place some of the stickers so that they face outside for a lovely decorative element. For instructions on how to paint glass, check out this great blog post.

The airplane stickers from our collection would also make a lovely framed window artwork! Place a few on the top part of the window, perhaps even above your flowers. Your window is instantly turned into a stunning piece of art.


But our lovely stickers don’t need to be preserved just for the children’s windows. The sticker collection has plenty of beautiful wall stickers you can use elsewhere around the house.

For example, if you have a small window in your bathroom, some of our underwater-themed stickers are quirky decorative elements to use. You could add a small turtle sticker or even just a few water bubbles to your tiny window.


If you have large patio or balcony windows, you can also use our wall stickers for a stunning display. Add a bit of nature to your apartment or city home by applying a tree wall sticker on the large window. This creates a stunningly serene look and your morning coffee on the patio will never be boring again!

Finally, a hallway or a garage window can be brightened up with a secret message. Add alphabet stickers to the window to write a small, uplifting message for the world to see. It could be anything from ‘Have a Nice Day!’ to ‘All You Need is Love’.

Our Favourite Wall Stickers to Use

As mentioned, our collection has a stunning range of window-friendly wall stickers. If the above ideas inspired you, our selection of wall stickers is definitely worth checking out.

We had to include some of our favourite window-friendly wall stickers to the post. You can use these stickers to create the above ideas or come up with your own stunning looks.

Princess and the Pea Wall Stickers

These stamp-like wall stickers are quirky option for smaller windows. You could easily fill a whole window with these beautiful designs. They are also great to use on a mirror!

Miniz Fun Transportation Stickers

These little stickers are the perfect addition to a transport-themed room and you can use them on a window. The bright green colours are so fun and the animals quirky to look at.

Giant Cupcake Wall Stickers

If you love baking, then you could add one of these giant cupcake wall stickers on your kitchen window! It’s also a sweet look for a bakery or a small patio window. You could also use it in kids’ rooms.

                                These tasty cupcakes would look delicious on a window!

Ozzie Monster Wall Stickers

One quirky idea could be to create faces with your windows. These Ozzie Monster wall stickers are perfect for that purpose! Perfect for little boys’ rooms and you are guaranteed to have the kids’ laughing once they scare the granny with these monster eyes!

Pretty Hearts Wall Stickers

On the other hand, if you are looking for a sweeter finish to your window, these Pretty Hearts are a perfect option. The beautiful hearts can be used to frame your window or to create a little heart with the hearts on the window.

Wall stickers are an easy and cost-effective way to decorate your home. As the above demonstrates, you can even use the stickers in a variety of funky ways! Check out our collection and blog for more inspiring ideas.


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