By Jo Philipp
Your spare room often turns into a messy mixture of a guest room and a storage room. Since the room is not in regular use it’s easy to just use it as a decorative dumpster and try to cut corners in the décor.

But a great looking spare room can actually increase its functionality. Furthermore, guests staying at the spare room are much happier to visit you if you create a beautiful place for them to stay.

Below are some of our favourite bedroom designs for your spare room. All the designs are simple and easy to achieve and you won’t need to spend a fortune on the décor.


Smart Storage Solutions for Clutter Free Rooms

First, you should definitely ensure your spare room looks clutter free. Make sure you regularly go through the items in the guest room to ensure you don’t just use the cabinets and boxes in the room for storing junk!

Since you’ll be storing some of your ‘leftover’ items in the spare room, you want to opt to have your storage looking fresh and tidy. Make sure you utilise all the space in the room.

Get a guest bed with space underneath for storage boxes. Add wheels to simple wooden trunks or even plastic boxes to ensure you can easily move around the boxes when you are cleaning the room. Check the YouTube video below for tips on how to do this:


Have a window in the room? Decorate the sides of the window with open shelf solutions. Add some of your leftover vases and glass jars on the shelves and fill them with beautiful stones or sparkling gems. Add colourful and bright canvas boxes on the shelves to store the items you don’t want the guests to see.

Use foldable tables and chairs to save space but to allow the guests some more functionality in the room if needed. If you want to use the space even more smartly, add a foldable bed cabinet on one of the walls! This allows you much more space to use the room for other purposes and to quickly turn it into a guestroom if you get visitors.

Keep Your Colour Scheme Timeless

You don’t want to spend money decorating the guestroom all the time, so you want to be smart with the colour schemes. Since you’ll most likely use the room for a variety of functions as well, you also want to make sure your room’s colours don’t fight with each other.

It’s a good idea to opt for a timeless and plain wallpaper colour such as soft grey or cool lilac. These are calming and serene colours that can easily be matched with other colours in the décor.

      Tree wall stickers are a stunning way to decorate a spare room with splashes of colour!

While you want to keep the colours neutral, don’t go with plain white décor, as this can easily look boring and clinical! Don’t be afraid to add soft splashes of colour with bedding or wall stickers.

The key is to avoid creating a very gender-specific room. A fully pink spare room is not necessarily the ideal room for your male guests! Pale greens, blues as well as warm yellows and oranges are perfect for a guest room.

Play with Fun Details

Spare rooms are perfect for quirky details. Since you or your guests won’t be staying in the room every day, fun details can brighten up the look and make it a bit more interesting.

One cool idea is to play with the lightning. Use vintage lanterns as your lightning solution and even include traditional wall candleholders for your room!

On the other hand, you could also opt to highlight your artistic side with ceiling decorations. Since you want to keep the walls relatively plain, you could instead add more colour and design into the ceiling. You can find tons of ideas from our previous blog post.

      You could use large vintage plane stickers on the ceiling for creating a unique focus point in your spare room! 

If you have a guest bed in the room, opt for a unique headboard. A quirky headboard can act as a focus point in the room and you can easily control the rest of the décor with the ‘theme’ of the board.

Some of the funkiest ideas include using a chalkboard headboard. You could either opt to paint a simple wooden frame and canvas with chalkboard paint or use framed chalkboard stickers on top of the bed.

Alternatively, if you have old ironing boards add two of them sideways on top of your guest bed! This is a quirky idea and you can always add a new fabric on top of the old fabric for a unique finish!

From Young to Old

You should also keep in mind that your guest bedroom doesn’t have a single person staying there. Whilst you can decorate your own or your kids’ bedrooms with their specific taste and age in mind, your guest bedroom might have visitors of all kind. You want to include decorative elements that make the guest feel welcomed, whether the person visiting is your granny or your niece!

Add a small reading corner with a selection of books to appease all sorts of visitors. You could also fill a single magazine folder with a selection of magazines. Add some comic books for kids, fashion magazines for young girls and women and sports magazines for men and little boys!

You could also add a single storage box with some leftover toys and games. You can decorate your box with quirky wall stickers to give your toy box a more child-friendly look!

                              Create a hotel-like pamper basket for your spare room!

Finally, show some love for your guests with a tiny pamper basket in the spare room. This could include a selection of shower gels, instant coffee and tea satchels and some treats for late night snacking! Who knows, you might sneak into the spare room yourself every now and then for relaxing time.

Above all, remember to plan your spare room and make sure it doesn’t start becoming a place for unwanted décor items. Repurpose old furniture with a coat of paint or new furnishing, but don’t fill the room with items that aren’t functional and loved!


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